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Ronde Black White Oak Racetrack Conference Table

Ronde Black White Oak Racetrack Conference Table

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Elevate Your Conference Space with the American-Made Ronde Solid White Oak Racetrack Conference Set.  Immerse your conference room in the timeless elegance of our Solid White Oak Racetrack Conference Set, proudly handcrafted in the USA. This exceptional ensemble seamlessly combines form and function, making it a perfect addition to your professional space.  Crafted from premium solid white oak, this conference set radiates natural beauty and is built to endure. The oak's warm and inviting appeal adds character to your conference area, creating an ambiance of sophistication.  The racetrack shape of the table is not just visually striking; it's a testament to the artistry of fine furniture design. It's the focal point of your conference space, where ideas flow and decisions are made.  The drum base design of the table offers both style and practicality. It guarantees stability and ample legroom, ensuring that your team can collaborate in comfort.  The 1.5-inch thick tabletop exudes luxury and promises durability. It's a robust platform for discussions, presentations, and brainstorming sessions.  This conference set isn't just furniture; it's a reflection of your commitment to excellence. Handcrafted in the USA, it embodies exceptional craftsmanship and sustainability, supporting local artisans and ensuring a premium quality product.  This set includes not only the stunning racetrack table but also a set of chairs that complement the table's design. Together, they create a conference space that exudes professionalism and style.  Upgrade your conference room with a touch of enduring elegance. The Solid White Oak Racetrack Conference Set is more than a collection of furniture; it's a statement of your discerning taste and dedication to quality.  Whether it's the hub of your business meetings, the platform for creative discussions, or the backdrop for important decisions, this conference set will captivate and inspire. Don't miss the opportunity to make it yours. Order now and experience the unmatched quality and timeless beauty of American craftsmanship.

Dimensions & Weight

78L x 40W x 30H", 177 lbs, Item 697794741792

84L x 42W x 30H", 193 lbs, Item 697794741808

96L x 42W x 30H", 220 lbs, Item 697794741815

108L x 44W x 30H", 240 lbs, Item 697794741853

120L x 44W x 30H", 258 lbs, Item 697794741822

144L x 46W x 30H", 283 lbs, Item 697794741839

Made in the USA

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